Endless Summer - Tanya Kirouac, Monica Shelton, and Gisa Mayer

Endless Summer

Aug 21 – Sept 4, 2014

Artist Reception: Fri Aug 22 | 6- 9pm

& Sat Aug 23  | 1- 4pm

Tanya Kirouac


A self-taught encaustic painter, she is inspired by her environment and the delicate world that surrounds us all. The rural moments and scenes of nature in everyday life are the simple subject matter that she chooses to reflect in her work.Tanya is currently showing and working at a variety of galleries and exhibitions throughout Canada and the US. Most days she can be found in her studio exploring the possibilities of oil and wax.

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Monica Shelton

In the sanctuary of my studio I interpret what I value, feel and see. External experience combined with inner reflection, inspires my art. My concepts and symbols are playful and enigmatic, offering the viewer ongoing freedom, happiness and surprise.

From my many years of travels throughout the world I became aware of the deep and powerful impact of the language of art. I live to paint, to create beauty and places of sanctuary for the soul, having done so fully for 35 years. I find inspiration in my back yard and beyond, in my dreams and inner worlds of wonder, in literature, music and art.

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Gisa Mayer

Born in Bad Reichenhall, Germany, I grew up in the Foothills of the Bavarian Alps, with beautiful landscapes, dramatic skies and Foehn Winds from the first day of my life. I spent my youth hiking, skiing, climbing in the cultured landscapes of the country just north and south of the Alps.

Living halfway between the great cities of Munich and Salzburg, I was exposed to world class Art Galleries, Museums and Performing Arts from childhood.

After studying Art, Art History and Romance Languages in Germany, Italy and Austria, I came to Canada for the first time in 1989.

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