Open Thursday to 8 pm for Grand Market Season on 124 Street

We are pleased to announce another collective exhibition across 7 galleries on 124th Street – Our Many Paths – brought to you by Bearclaw Gallery, Bugera Matheson Gallery, Front Gallery, Lando Gallery, Peter Robertson Gallery, Scott Gallery and West End Gallery. The artists in these exhibitions may include gallery artists and/or guests artists whose practices stretch across different regions and cultural traditions. Each gallery has developed exhibitions with emphasis unique to each but with a focus on the shared theme.

At Bugera Matheson Gallery the works of Kritsana Naowakhun, Barbara Hirst  present a study of place from perspectives that originate from outside of the dominant culture.  We call it “Inside Out and Outside in”, depending on your perspective.

Art can do a lot more than just make your wall look good. It can inspire and delight; comfort and provoke. It can slip into your mind and change the way you see things. It can travel with you throughout your day—or with you across the country, informing and altering the way you feel.