Bugera Matheson Gallery is moving out by November 26, 2022.

We’ve noticed our clients prefer a more convenient, targeted shopping experience to fulfill a specific goal. More and more clients are opting to pre-shop, shop online or invite us to their site for consultation.

Our new space, will offer a well-lit viewing area where you can relax and view the works of interest to you. It will also house a large storage area, where you can peruse the “stacks” with our assistance to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

We will be open by appointment only in December and January.  When construction of our new space is complete, we will add drop-in hours so you can come by without an appointment.  You can reach us by phone or email during the location move and build out.

Stay tuned for updates and our new address.

Upcoming Exhibition

Bugera Matheson offers a refreshing perspective on Edmonton’s vibrant art scene and also features some of the best of contemporary artworks from artists across Canada. The gallery has been a part of Edmonton’s art scene since 1992 and keeps growing and developing along with the city’s eclectic art community.

Are you considering acquiring an artwork for the first time? Or maybe looking for something to complement your collection? We can help, because we’ll take the time and care to ensure that you find the ideal piece for you—one that’s both personal and yet collectible, a piece with staying power.