Skog, Wendy

Wendy Skog is a contemporary abstract artist, who is influenced by the New York school of painters. Her painting process…

Dmytruk, Robert

Robert Dmytruk has been making art for more than forty years. Currently he lives and creates his work in Summerland…

Kipling, Ann

Ann Kipling (born 1934 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) is a distinguished Canadian Artist known for her impressionistic drawings, who…

King, John

John King is a Winnipeg-based abstract artist whose paintings are recognizable by his bold brushstrokes and earth-tone colours.

Serfas, Shawn

Shawn is an Associate Professor in the  Visual Arts department, Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts at…

Pentz, Donald – RCA

Born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Donald Pentz studied at Mt. Allison University, BFA, and the University of Regina, MFA.

Plear, Scott – RCA

Plear is an abstract artist whose work is noted for its risk-taking use of colour, texture, and layering.

Peck-Whyte Alex

Alex graduated from The University of Alberta in 2007, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction.

Graff, Les – RCA

For the past eight years the subject for Graff’s art has been the hills that exist along the north side…

Mason Steeves, Janice

Janice Mason Steeves exhibits her work annually in solo and group exhibitions and is represented by galleries across North America.