Kipling, Ann

Ann Kipling (born 1934 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) is a distinguished Canadian Artist known for her impressionistic drawings, who…

Visser, Jim

Jim Visser was born in Holland.  He with his family, with post second war immigration to Canada, settled into farming…

Thiessen, Michael

Michael Thiessen is a painter from Vancouver, Canada. He was born in Dawson Creek, northern British Columbia in 1980, but…

Wallace, Ken – RCA

Meaning in art is increasingly externalized by theoretical constructs that make it difficult for the viewer to form personal responses.

Mayer, Gisa

Born in Bad Reichenhall, Germany, Gisa grew up in the Foothills of the Bavarian Alps, with beautiful landscapes, dramatic skies…

Krawecka, Elzbieta

Elzbieta Krawecka is a Polish-born artist who pursues international travel and world cultures to inspired her painting style.

Edmonson Greg

Edmonson has exhibited in public and private galleries in North America and Europe for the past twenty years.

Perehudoff, Catherine

Catherine is clearly inspired by her native countryside and by her yearly pilgrimage to Emma Lake Workshops in Saskatchewan.

Everett, Jane

Everett grew up in Winnipeg and completed her Fine Arts degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON.

Fenton, Terry

Terry Fenton studied art in the late 1950s at Regina College under members of the Regina Five.

Haynes, Kerensa

Kerensa Haynes was born in England in 1971, spent her youth in The Grand Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico before…

Heine, Jerry

Jerry Heine has been a working artist throughout his career in both graphic arts, fine arts and as an instructor.

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