Artist Description

Michèle Drouin (RCA) was born in the 1930’s.  She received her MFA in art education at Sir George Williams University in Montreal, and her BFA in art education at the School of Fine Arts in Montreal.  By the late 1970’s she was a well-regarded abstract painter.  In the 1970’ and 1980’s, artists, critics and curators forged relationships that connected the artworld in Edmonton, London and New York.  Those connections manifested in the Triangle Workshops in New York and the Emma Lake workshops in Saskatchewan. This was fertile ground for collaboration and artistic expression, which was then honed and refined through expert critique and coaching.  It was the environment in which Michèle developed the vibrant, expressive style that influenced the rest of her career.

Drouin’s work can be found in important Canadian Collections.  She has exhibited in France, The United States, England, Tunisia, and in most major cities in Canada. She was inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Art in 1992.  “The Academy gave me a wonderful opportunity to be in contact with artists from coast to coast. I particularly appreciated the sharing experience provided by our meetings and the long-term relationship and friendship developed with some of the Academy members.” – Michele Drouin – RCA

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