Artist Description

Elzbieta Krawecka is a Polish-born artist who pursues international travel and world cultures to inspired her painting style.  At a young age, Krawecka moved from Krakow with her family to Kuwait on the Persian Gulf. Her Parents worked as architects in Kuwait for nine years. Krawecka continues to be a frequent and experienced international traveler. Her most recent explorations however include the western coast of Canada, Yukon and Alaska.

She received her formal training at the Ontario College of Art and design (OCAD) between 1989-1994, and she participated in OCAD’s Off-Campus Program in Florence, italy between 1992-1993.

Krawecka has exhibited her work throught Canada since 1997. Her distinctions include numerous artist residencies at the Pouch Cove Foundation and first and second prize at the Ontario Society of Artists Juried shows in Toronto in 2003 and 2002.      View full Bio