Artist Description

While still a student at the Ontario School for Art and Design, Casey McGlynn was invited to exhibit his work at a small local restaurant. However, upon delivering the work, the restaurant owner promptly cancelled the show, complaining that “this is all made from junk. I can’t have that on my walls!” A few minutes later, when patrons reacted positively to the pieces, the owner quickly changed his mind and demanded a cut from all sales. A media frenzy was launched when famed art collector Popsy Johnstone walked through the cafe doors. The passionate collector, who also owned works by General Idea, Patterson Ewan, and Greg Curnoe, loved McGlynn’s work and purchased “sheep with big arse”. Two weeks later, the Globe and Mail featured Popsy posing beside Casey’s sheep painting in an article that featured her vast collection. This press led to a sold-out show and a contract with Toronto’s Bau-Xi art gallery where McGlynn premiered as the youngest artist ever to permanently sign with the established gallery. View More