Artist Description

Karen Yurkovich is a Canadian artist working between Vancouver, Canada and Florence, Italy. An integral part of her artistic practice concerns the relationship between culture and nature. Her work addresses the many ways in which nature and humanity have co-existed and co-evolved and her paintings integrate and interpret scientific categories and modes of representation. Beautiful, iconic and fragile, they are hybrids, where incongruent elements exist together and relationships become textual, as hinted at in the titles.

She is Director of the MFA program at Studio Arts Centre International, Florence and has also taught at ECUAD. Her work has been included in the Vision TV program “Re-creating Eden” with the Italian biodiversity association Archeologia Arborea. Current projects include work with the Beaty Centre and Museum for Biodiversity, University of Britsh Columbia. She has shown nationally and internationally including the Kunsthaus Merano, and the Flash Art Museum, Italy.  View Full Bio