Kipling, Ann

Ann Kipling (born 1934 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) is a distinguished Canadian Artist known for her impressionistic drawings, who was recognized early on for her unique approach to making art.

Ann Kipling studied at the Vancouver School of Art from 1955-1960 (now Emily Carr University of Art and Design). She studied with Jan Zack, Herbert Siebner, and Rudy Kovak before gaining her footing as an artist in the 1960s-70s, most notably with her first solo show at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1971.

Her distinctive style of overlapping, temporally suggestive linework is formed through her working process, which involves drawing her subject over time, recording subtle shifts in movement in the sitter or landscape during that period. Her work is characterized by a flat sense of space, where lines are used to frame a vibrating and gestural idea of her subject, rather than a direct representation of form.