Yurkovich, Karen

Karen Yurkovich was born and raised in Edmonton.  She completed both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Alberta (1987 and and 1990).  In 2000 she took a mentorship program in traditional painting techniques with restorer Giovanni Manuali, Italy.

Her work addresses the many ways in which nature and humanity have co-existed and co-evolved and her paintings integrate and interpret scientific categories and modes of representation. Beautiful, iconic and fragile, they are hybrids, where incongruent elements exist together and relationships become textual, as hinted at in the titles.

Karen began teaching as instructor at the University of Alberta and the Emily Carr Institute of and Design from the he early 1990’s.  In 2004, she moved to Italy and taught at SACI (Studio Art Centers International) Florence, Italy, where she eventually became the Director of the MFA program.

She has been in numerous solo and group shows; in both private and public galleries in Canada, Europe and the United States.

Now retired from teaching and residing in Vancouver, Karen focuses on her studio practice and promoting the arts.