Atlin, Kim

Kim Atlin paints in series as she works through a theme.  Each piece informs the next. The progression of work continues until the excitement is gone. Kim usually has 2 or 3 series underway at any given time. Some develop slowly, and some burn hot and exude a sense of passion.  It is her ideas and passion that direct the progression. Once the passion is gone, so too, is the series.

Her own allotment garden serves a source for some paintings. The garden is a nexus ofreversal of the architectural imposition on nature’s chaotic form. Atlin carries this narrativevoice to her still life work, incorporating elements grown by her own hand, taking them to herstudio, and painting them within the confines of the built space in a mirror language to herpaintings of the gardens.

Kim Atlin graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1988. Her paintings are held in the Ontario Government Collection, the OCAD Printmaking Collection, the Ontario Archives and the National Archives as well as tin numerous private and corporate collections throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Chile, Iceland, and New Zealand  She currently lives and maintains a studio in Toronto.

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