McVicker, Jessica

Jessica A. McVicker was born in 1982 in Nelson BC. In 2001 she completed her first year of post-secondary education at Kootenay School of the Arts majoring in printmaking. In 2002 she apprenticed under John McKinnon, a stone sculptor in Nelson BC, who taught her how to sculpt in limestone and marble. In 2010 Jessica got her bachelor’s in illustration from Alberta University of Art and Design(AUAD) in Calgary, where she learned how to be proficient in all types of media including painting in acrylics.

After graduating from AUAD Jessica went to experience adventure and inspiration from the harrowing cold North of Yellowknife, NT. Since then she has had many group and solo shows, won awards for her art and shown her paintings in Europe and across Canada.

She is especially inspired by the stark beauty of the north and the majesty of the Alberta mountains.