Contois, Michelle

Michelle Contois works in acrylic and drawing medium on canvas, paper and polypropylene paper.  With a Bachelor of Fine Arts (U of Calgary 1998) and a Diploma of Interior Design (Mount Royal College, 1990), Michelle Contois worked for years in Interior Design. Her current focus is art making, and her art is influenced by design.

“While the designed environment continues to influence me nature plays an undeniable role. I’m inspired by craftsmanship and ingenuity in any field be it architecture, graphic design or sculpture. I gravitate toward simplicity and
minimalism at the same time as I am drawn to mark making and gesture. I’d describe my painting process as a search, full of redirection rather than that of moving linearly from one point to another. I’m intrigued by the many ways paint can be manipulated, by the character of line and of colour. Generally at some point in the process the image will need to be contained to a degree or have some sort of structure enforced. My intent is to visually contrast and highlight the qualities of each idea. This is the area in my work where I continue to explore, balancing between restraint and fluidity.”