Deacon, Peter (RCA)

Peter Deacon was born in England in 1945; moved to Canada in 1975 to take a teaching position at the University of Calgary, Department of Art, and has been a Canadian citizen ever since 1979.

Peter’s work has been shown in Canadian galleries for the past 30 years. His work is part of several prestigious corporate and public collections and he is the recipient of many awards and honors, with one of the most significant being his invitation to be a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Artists in 1980.

Being a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts is of course a great honour. It is also an obligation and a commitment to facilitate an understanding of the visual arts as an aspect of our national identity. This process was started in 1880 and has to continue through generations of new emerging artists who we encourage and support through scholarships and mentoring. It is their work that will shape the future of the visual arts in Canada.

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