Dmytruk, Robert

Born in Edmonton, AB in 1950, Robert Dmytruk currently resides in Summerland, B.C where he has a full-time studio practice.

Robert Dmytruk has been making art for more than forty years. Along side his studio practice, Robert was an instructor/teacher of art at the Victoria School of Art in Edmonton. After many years of teaching he was appointed as the art curriculum consultant for the Edmonton Public School Board. He conducted art workshops and lectures for fine art teachers in Edmonton and throughout the province of Alberta.

Robert’s most recent body of work invites words like instinctive, fantastical, playful/whimsical and at times naively objective. They are paintings/drawings influenced by many excursions to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The local artisans and contemporary artists of that community, whose uninhibited use of pattern, colour, shape and form, implanted a vision that is projected in this new series of paintings. His work also has links to the bold patterns, colours, and mythologies associated with his Ukrainian/Polish heritage.

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