Teclemariam, Fetsum

Fetsum Teclemariam was born in Keren, Eritrea in 1972. He left Eritrea for Isreal as a refugee in the early 2000’s. Fetsum’s talent was recognized, and he enjoyed a successful art career in Isreal, where he lived for almost a decade before coming to Canada in 2013. Enjoying recognition in Europe and Isreal, Fetsum Teclemariam is gaining visibility here. He brings exceptional technical skill, but more importantly his landscapes touch something much deeper in us.

“My paintings are visual proverbs. Using the figure, still life objects, and landscapes as a means of self-expression, I communicate the cultural heritage and emotions of the places that I come from and the experience of the culture where I live now.

I grew up in a community in Africa where I was not allowed to express my thoughts, concerns, and feelings in public – speaking out had terrible consequences. As a result, I started to express, my anger, frustrations, sense of betrayal, joy and beauty through my paintings, and still do.”

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