Casey McGlynn

November 6 – 20 2015

Casey McGlynn: poem for Francis Beans boyfriend.

Artist Reception:  Friday, November 6 | 6- 9pm

Saturday, November 6 | 1 – 4pm


“For the past 2 years i have been obsessed with Kurt Cobain and his legacy, the cultural mix of the 90s, what he represented in the broader view of art and culture 20 years later we see how big an impact he and his band had. The underground became mainstream for a while, and then retreated back after he died, but now we look at why the world was ready to accept it and why we need to more deeply look at this the possible cultural shift that began, then when Kurt died, the shift moved back the opposite way making room for even more vacuous boy bands , soul less r and b music, and the  horrid stadium anthems….now 20 years later we see what art prevails and influnces,,,,,and we are right back to 1994….waiting for something new.”