Les Graff

May 1 – May 14, 2014

Artist Reception: Thursday May 1 | 6- 9 pm and Saturday May 3 | 1-5 pm

With “From Fields to Forms”, Alberta artist Les Graff gives us vibrant color, and bold, organic forms.

Les often begins his work with sketches of the Alberta rural landscape. These are the seeds for his creativity, with further development and renderings undertaken in his studio. The sketch may be rendered as a colorful study in oil, or exploring form, Les may then render the work in charcoal and graphite focusing on line. Large, bold, colorful, abstract oils on canvas are often the culmination of the previous studies.

“For the past eight years the subject for my art has been the hills that exist along the north side of the Battle River. This is in an addition to responding to the ongoing changes that occur in the surrounding farmland. Out of this has developed an appreciation of form and the idea of metaphor-searching for meaning beyond appearances. My search for this has been nearly a sixty year journey of successes and failures regarding my development as an artist. I am sure the search will continue until I cannot drag my ass into the studio.”   Les Graff

Les Graff helped to shape the arts in Alberta as the Director of Alberta Culture, Visual Arts from 1966-1991, as a board member of the Edmonton Art Gallery from 1966-1998; and as an artist, a curator and educator.

Les earned an undergraduate degree from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary (1955-1959) and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and Design in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.