Gisa Mayer

September 16 – 30, 2016

Artist Reception: Friday September 16 | 6- 9pm and Saturday September 17 | 1-4pm

Water and Song,

Always mesmerizing, whether mild or wild,

We listen and look,

Ripples of laughter and screams of desperation soar through earth and air,

A water drum’s roar or whispers of a love song.

It mirrors, transforms, dominates the landscape,

It builds up and tears down,

Gives life and takes it,

Flowing, overwhelming, omnipresent.

It excites and calms,

We try to tame it, restrain it,

Reclaiming its place violently or gradually,

But inevitably.

Comforting, soothing, frightening,

The power to harm and heal,

Full of paradox and indispensible,

Without it there is only silence,

Water and Song.

“In time and with water everything changes” Leonardo