Jim Visser’s exhibitions are highly anticipated by his audience, especially here in Edmonton.  His wonderful use of light and color make his landscapes uplifting expressions of the beauty of our Province.

This show represents two years of work.  The new works will be in the gallery, and available for pre-viewing and purchase by April 3th.

Join us for the opening reception, Saturday, April 7, 12-4 pm.  Jim Visser will be in attendance; afternoon coffee and cakes will be served.

Presence April 7 – 21, 2018

“Ours is the presence of the temporary.  My paintings are my desire to capture the presence of the moment.  I am motivated by a desire to respond to nature’s rhythm.  I look for an offered tableau spread that begs interpretation.  Our prairie spaces offer symphonies of shadow and light, movements of subtle quiet changing to fortissimo drama. Roadways converging with fences or brush lines on guard.  Clouds above or distant, sometimes wispy, often lazy, possibly gathering or an eventual storm.  The slide of the sky distantly coming to earth as the land flows forward to meet you.  Look again, imaging there is more over the horizon; another luminescent beginning.  Our presence, a captured human experience portioned to us by our Creator from her cosmic infinity.  How to catch the spaces of our fields and trees?  How to express the feel of undulating land and reflecting waters? How to paint the moods of the ever changing sky?  Who am I in the realm so palpable, so fierce?

I offer these paintings as my current response.  They are sourced from my life of rural country living.  They are an expression of my observations in our Alberta.  This is my home.  The images come to me from absorbing my familiar surroundings.  Travelling near and far, I stop and sketch, photograph and sometimes stay for a watercolour study. ”  Jim Visser


Click here to view the show images.