McGlynn, Casey

Casey McGlynn grew up in rural Ontario, where he would sit in front of the television and draw endlessly on scrap paper, creating self-taught surrealist pop art. Later in life, McGlynn attended the Ontario College of Art and Design.

There are reoccurring symbols in his work. Animals from his rural upbringing. Numbers from memorizing math tables to gain skill in that area. Birds from his studio window sill. “I work with a language of symbols that I have had to learn to speak thru and the language grows and becomes more elaborate as the years go by.”  With a combination of text and expressive imagery, Casey provides insight into his life and the world around him.

McGlynn’s works can be found in a number of private and public collections in both Canada and the US. Most recently his work was acquired for the HBC Global Art Collection in New York.

Today, he has exhibited extensively in the US, Canada and Europe.