Rawlinson, Ian

Ian Rawlinson was born and raised in Saskatchewan. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1992 and practiced art for 10 years before he began to exhibit professionally in 2002. He has been with Bugera Matheson Gallery for 12 years. It has been my pleasure to know Ian that long. This body of work represents a departure from his previous body of work with brighter colours and a step or two toward abstraction. The color delights, the figures amuse, a longer look brings you more meaning.

“A close call with a moose on the highway at night, has led to this new series of paintings. These paintings began as a suggestion of the conflict between of our encroachment on the moose’ habitat, the sense of the pioneering moose of being out of place. But the mold has changed, in the past year I have shifted away from this idea. The newer paintings are more about process and exploration. The moose is now a means to an end, the starting block for the creative endeavour. This exhibition will documents this change and in the end I’d rather let the paintings speak for themselves.” Ian Rawlinson

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