Evrard, Jamie

Born in Wisconsin, Jamie Evrard received a Bachelor of Arts Magna cum Laude from Brown University, Rhode Island, and a Masters of Art and Fine Arts from the University of Iowa.

Evrard creates vibrant still life paintings with a confidence and understanding of color rarely seen. She begins her creative process in Tuscany, creating small paintings on copper, often using the same perishable subject-matter in varying stages of life. She then returns to Vancouver and recreates these pieces in larger versions on canvas. It is this shifting of locations and light that give Evrard’s paintings an atmosphere that is theirs alone. Her dynamic compositions have an energy and urgency, appearing as if they could not wait to be completed.

She is the recipient of many awards, including the Andrews Scholar, Brown University, the Ford Foundations Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Art, University of Iowa and an Explorations grant from the Canada Council. She has taught drawing at the University of Iowa and printmaking at the University of British Columbia.

Jamie Evrard divides her time between Vancouver and Umbria, Italy. Her work is shown across Canada and the United States.