Everett, Jane

Jane Everett grew up in Winnipeg and did her Fine Arts degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Her work has been exhibited across the country in both private and public galleries.  Jane divides her time between her home in Kelowna and her cottage on the north shore of Shuswap Lake.

Whatever the particular subject her practice explores the interface of natural and urban landscapes and is essentially a study of light as it elucidates or obscures form. Engaged in painting in oil on canvas, and drawing on Belgian linen with charcoal, graphite, and conte, her work reevaluates traditional materials and media with iconoclastic method. Her landscape paintings verge on the abstract, using complex layerings of colour to render an intricate study of light and form.

“The intersection of the natural and man-made worlds has been the central theme of my work for a number of years now. Living as I do in possibly the only region in the world where the most famous artist is a woman, I am following the path of Emily Carr interpreting the landscape in the context of the cars, roads and infrastructure projects that are threaded through the landscape of the Pacific Northwest. — The point of view uses the rush and blur of light to evoke the landscape as we usually see it; from a moving vehicle.”