Joyce, Mary

Mary Joyce is an artist who uses her aesthetic to celebrate socio-political activism.  Her compositions include abstracted figures often against city or industrial backdrops. She uses color, shapes and symbols to bring home their message with hope and often good humor.

Born in Montreal, raised in Sherbrooke, day schooled in a convent run by nuns, she was fascinated on Sundays listening to intense political discussions among the adults in her family, and she grew up loving art and politics.

Mary Joyce earned a BA with Honors in Art History and English from McMaster in Hamilton, ON.  Influenced significantly by Professor George Wallace, a printmaker, sculptor, and native of Ireland, she learned that in art is freedom. A significant feature of the human right to freedom of speech is resistance, and silence when necessary.   In 1985, as a BFA graduate in printmaking from U of A, Mary was a founding member of the Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists.

She has had numerous public exhibitions as well as exhibits in artist-run galleries and commercial galleries.

Note:   Mary Joyce exhibited in my mother’s gallery many years ago, and we come full circle, because I love her work and have invited her to exhibit with Bugera Matheson Gallery.

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