Witschl, Margaret

Margaret Witschl is an Edmonton painter and photographer. She studied painting, printmaking and art education at the University of Alberta.  She graduated with a BFA in 1968, and an Education Diploma in 1971.

Margaret studied under prominent artists like H.G. Glyde, J.B. Taylor, Norman Yates (painting and drawing) and later Jonathon Knowlton (printmaking) Robert Sinclair, Stephen Andrews (painting and drawing) and Ronald Davey (theory).  She was influenced by two major British and American trends of that time, Op Art and Pop Art and one can see these influences in her work today.

Margaret worked for Alberta Visual Arts for 13 years.  Her work focused on the production of art business information and she administered the Government of Alberta’s provincial and international art purchase and art commission program.  This took her to London, England and New York City.

Since 2000, Margaret has worked exclusively on her art.  Margaret’s work has been exhibited across Canada in public exhibition and collections.

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