Skog, Wendy

Wendy Skog is a contemporary abstract artist, who is influenced by the New York school of painters. Her painting process is a record of intuitive interaction with the canvas, as she works toward a unifying pictoral conclusion. With her organic, minimalist approach, Wendy Skog’s  abstract paintings achieve balance of space, color, form, and line.

Wendy Skog studied art at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree, and a Professional Teaching Diploma. Wendy also attended the prestigious Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop in Saskatchewan, and the Triangle Artists’ Workshop in New York.

The paintings of Wendy Skog have been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Canada and the United States. They have been internationally included in both corporate and private collections.

Wendy is originally from Edmonton, and now lives and maintains her studio practice in Victoria.

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