Radioactive Core

“In my sleep I saw a green grassy slope.  At the base of the slope was a deep marsh.  In the marsh was a building that looked like a hotel or a legislative building sitting a third of the way in the water. I was able to get into the building, but no one was there. ”  Scott Plear RCA 

Scott Plear is an abstract painter who uses colour, texture, and layering to compose images.  He does not draw or extensively plan his compositions.  His work focuses on non-objective imagery, and his practice of painting is concerned with the use of these visual elements as a means of expression.   In this show Scott paints on paper with a monochromatic palette, metallic finishes, and inclusions like sand enhance the texture of the pieces.

He has exhibited continuously for the past 35 years in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.  Among his primary influences were his experiences at the Emma Lake Artists’ Workshops through the University of Saskatchewan from 1977 to 2000.  

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