Scott Plear

“Scott Plear’s exhibition of new paintings at Edmonton’s Bugera Matheson Gallery is proof that after more than forty years of painting, Plear shows no sign of slowing down. It underscores that Plear is a talented artist and one of the best Canadian painters of his generation…

Plear is steadfastly committed to creating paintings that passionately explore the nature of beauty and taste, but always on his own terms. — Years ago, Plear discovered his artistic voice and selected a fertile abstract motif that still enables him to speak volumes without saying a word. He expresses himself confidently and fluently, using his own dialect of colours, lines, shapes, and textures…

An intimate knowledge of how paint behaves, combined with his understanding of his own natural talents, gives him the ability and confidence to take risks and, more often than not, land on his feet. His studio serves as a hothouse for experimentation and discovery, not for complacency.

Plear continues to juggle more variables in his paintings than most artists would dare attempt, and still, more often than not, he’s successful. He is an accomplished artist who has found his own way to create paintings that are dynamically expressive and, in my experience, always worth another look.”

John King  – John King is an artist, curator and writer represented at Bugera Matheson Gallery.

OPENS Friday September 25 from 6-9 pm, Mr. Plear will be in attendance Friday evening, Saturday 1-4 pm and Sunday 1-3 pm.

Paintings will be on the website for previewing starting September 19th.